Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or worried you won’t be able to help your clients get the result they want?

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Welcome to Balance + Shine!


My name is Nanci Tunley and I’m a certified coach and functional nutritionist who is passionate about helping people create true health from the inside out. Even though I felt like I had the knowledge, I found myself frustrated, burned out and not sure what to do my first years of practice when clients would get stuck or not follow through. Learning more information helped a little but when I learned how to coach my clients and take a true mind/body/spirit approach everything changed and so did they! I truly love my work.

The truth is: I created this program for myself first…

…so I could show up to sessions feeling light, focused and ready to serve.

This means more peace, confidence, better results and because of this it means being able to easily handle more clients.

Balance + Shine is part done-for-you materials organized and taught in specific way for a turn key program and also flexible so you are in the drivers seat when designing your programs or deciding what a client needs most. You know your clients best!

Did I mention you get a full black and white editable version as well you can make your own and design your own program from?

WARNING: this is not your average done for you materials program!

you’ll also Learn:

How to elevate your client’s mindset! You’ll learn coaching sequences to powerfully coach your clients to their result and encourage them to enjoy the journey. When mindset is out of alignment, results often are too!

A coaching framework you can use in every session so your clients happily take full responsibility for their outcome and you’ll always know what to say or do next. This skyrocket’s confidence!

How to empower your clients to connect to what they really want beyond symptoms. Learn how to BE with clients in their struggles and compassionately invite them to create a vision of health for themselves.

Lead your clients to uncover and work through the obstacles that hold them back.

A system and process for help clients break through emotional eating, cravings and self beat up.

How to help your clients connect the dots with self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts holding them back.

Experiential exercises to help your clients stay focused and engaged in every session.

You’ll Receive:

8 Weeks of beautiful done for you materials designed to educate and engage your clients in every session….and yes you get the B+W editable version as well that can be completely branded and adjusted to your liking.You can download my free coaching guide HERE to check out what the branding looks like in the full color materials.

6 Weeks of powerful coaching and Q+A Calls via Zoom designed to STRETCH and encourage you! (calls are always Thursday morning at 10:00 PST and always recorded)

Laser focused break through coaching for the mindsets keeping you stuck and from showing up like the Nutritionist and Health Coach you know you are! Necessary for every stage of growth!

Plus Bonuses Below!!!


About 3 weeks into the program, my practice started to shift. I found I could incorporate much of the information into existing client packages. Clients where giving great feedback like “I didn’t realize this was an issue for me” referring to one of the exercises that helped her understand why she couldn’t move her health forward. I didn’t need to point it out she worked it out through the exercise and came to her own conclusion. It was very powerful to see such a simple exercise have such a profound effect on a client. I was seeing clients connect the mind/body/nutrition dots- this was shifting client behaviors.
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I have been in practice for 5 years now and to be honest, I was getting tired of writing protocols for clients only to find they were mostly non-complaint of my suggestions. Enter the Balance + Shine program. I never knew how fun this work could be! This program has not only given me powerful tools, in the form of done-for-you lessons to use with clients, but it has also made client sessions fun again! Beyond that, the 7-part session structure has been a game changer. I only wish I’d had this in my hands when I began my practice. My advice is - don’t wait until you’re burned out on this work. If you want to see results with your clients instead of leaving it to chance and begin truly enjoying your work, bring Balance + Shine into your practice now.
After graduating from NTA I really struggled with confidence. I felt like I had to have everything figured out before each session. I was trying to emulate being what I thought I “should” be as a practitioner and that just wasn’t working. When I finally stepped into how I want to practice and who I am as a practitioner, it felt so much easier and I was much more successful! Balance and Shine gave me permission to trust myself and not have all the answers ahead of time.

The week on self-sabotage has been particularly powerful for my clients. It allows me to honor and acknowledge how my clients are struggling and helps them see that the emotions they are feeling are part of the process and totally normal. I often hear them take a deep breath when we work through that, it takes the pressure off!

The mindset piece of this work is so valuable for us as practitioners as well. If we aren’t working on our own mindset, our clients can feel that. I’ve learned this the hard way. We can’t help our clients through mental hurdles if we haven’t worked through them ourselves. Balance and Shine game me a structure to work on my own mindset and in turn, support my clients better as well.

For the longest time I thought I had to figure it out on my own. There is so much more to working with clients than just handing them protocols. Balance & Shine helped me fill in the gaps. I feel like a much more holistic practitioner now, and I am truly grateful for that.
— Kristi Perry Brown, NTP
As a level 3 Restorative Wellness Practitioner I felt very confident with my protocols, knowledge and program design but one area I was struggling with the psychological part of helping my clients through implementing their protocol.

The reason I enrolled was to get the tools to help my clients actually comply with the information that I knew would provide the results they were looking for. I’d done other coaching programs and they were helpful but nothing really fit exactly what we do as Nutritional Therapists.

My clients were also struggling with huge amounts of self-sabotage and I was feeling powerless on how to address it. I also used to spend way too much time and energy preparing for clients.

Now with the Balance + Shine approach I now have a program and framework that frees up my energy which is a huge stress reliever as well as helps me lead my clients more effectively. I also know longer have to spend hours stressing and preparing for my clients.

Another unexpected benefit was my confidence level in offering my largest package more frequently at a higher investment and watching my clients say yes to it.

One of my biggest take-aways was how important is to show up as a leader in what we do. It felt like clients would take over or certain pieces of information would get lost in sessions and I now I have way to help them stay on track.
— Christine MacCarroll, NTP
My biggest challenge before the Balance + Shine program was feeling very burned out and drained after client sessions, and I was having a hard time not attaching myself to my clients’ success (or lack thereof). I chose to enroll in Balance + Shine because I heard so many other NTPs say the program helped them with the exact issues I was having.

The program really helped me solidify that I cannot be responsible for my clients’ success, and they have to choose that themselves.

It gave me tools and a framework to hold people accountable in a more natural, effortless way. Since completing the program, I feel lighter in my sessions with clients and like I’m not carrying around so much baggage all of the time. Balance + Shine also helped me realize some deeper truths about myself that I am now able to work on. It helped me uncover some serious blind spots about how I was showing up as a practitioner, and I am so grateful for that.
— Holly Higgins, NTP