A Balance + Shine Deep dive on transforming cravings and emotional eating into healing.

There’s a good chance your clients don’t follow through or stick to their protocols because they don’t have the space and tools to work through cravings and emotional eating.

If you’ve watched your clients struggle with cravings or emotional eating and wished you could help them with this part of their journey then this program provides the powerful answer you are looking for.

If part of you has help back from helping others because you aren’t sure if you can help them get a result if they don’t comply, this is the course you are looking for!

Cravings and emotional eating are normal.

Most humans experience cravings and emotional eating at times so why would you not want the concepts and methods to help them facilitate the healing that be uncovered by listening to them?

In this powerful deep dive training you’ll learn to work WITH cravings instead of against them.

No matter where you are in your own relationship to food, you’ll be grounded in confidence in how you can help someone else and also how you tend to your own emotional self care.

Get Empowered and light the way!



Discovery: Creating space for the result your client really wants and why

  • Confidently learn to lead your clients through coaching sequences that invite them into a conversation about what their whole being wants beyond symptoms.

  • Help them discover the physical and mental clutter they can work through in order make a decision to clear the way for what that want and your valuable clinical and holistic knowledge.

  • Motivate and Inspire them to integrate the information you give them and take full responsibility for their journey.


Master teaching the practice of conscious eating, breaking though cravings and emotional self care

  • Receive exercises and lessons on how to help your clients stay present to eating and to their emotional health.

  • Help clients(and yourself) transform their inner food voices and beliefs about food.

  • Learn to help your clients discover their thoughts and emotions driving their choices with experiential exercises designed to help them connect the dots.


learn to coach your clients through obstacles and help them to stay engaged and true to themselves.

  • Learn the process I use to help compassionately turn your clients struggles into healing opportunities.

  • Powerful questions to uncover blind spots and support your clients like never before.

  • Powerfully hold your clients accountable with self compassion and kindness.


Who is this for?

This powerful course is for you if you want to learn to coach your clients through their relationships to food including emotional eating, cravings and increasing non-compliance factors. It is also for you as a practitioner if you’d like to create more confidence and freedom around your own relationship to food. You get to work on you AND show up more powerfully with your clients!

*It is not appropriate to be used for an eating disorder treatment or for anyone who is still recovering from an eating disorder.

What you’ll experience + get:

Week One:

An Empowered Beginning. Learn to coach your clients what their whole being is really asking for and why. This is a very important part when working on your relationship to food. Learn to take them through a powerful process to help them clear the mental and physical clutter that can create awareness around what’s holding them back and keeping them stuck. This week includes 2 done for you handouts.

Week Two:

Conscious Eating: Go through the process connecting to the thoughts and feelings that drive your food choices. Find out what kind of eater you are and how that effects your thoughts, feelings and choices around food. Master the game changer “Empowered Pause” exercise. This week includes 3 done for you handouts.

Week Three:

Reflection and making peace with your inner critic. Train your brain to reflect and learn from all experiences to banish self doubt and to stay empowered. Learn a coaching sequence to make peace with the gremlins in your head holding you back.

Week Four:

Working through limiting beliefs. How to work through the upper limits of pleasure and joy.


Discovery Call Training

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