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An Eight Week Mindset and Business Growth EXPERIENCE…

  • Mindset for Marketing

  • Big Picture Strategy

  • Create your Own Unique Signature Program and Offer (even if you’re starting out)

  • Selling through Content Creation, In Person Workshops, Social Media and Email

  • Discovery Call/Sales Training

Business Breakthrough Workshop: Find out the piece you are missing!


Stretch through fear, imposter syndrome and worthiness every step of the way.

This is for you if:

  • You want a sustainable business that works for you in the context of your busy life whether it’s 2 or 10 clients a month or fully booked groups.

  • You’re tired of trying to figure out how to connect with prospective clients in person or online.

  • You find looking for clients exhausting and overwhelming.

  • You are ready and hungry to take your business to it’s next level whether you are starting out or been at this a while.

  • You’re ready to be truly seen, grow and thrive!

Course Outline: Everything you need to get out of your head and into action!

  • Get clear and EMBODY the transformation you offer.
    *Common fears and mindsets such as imposter syndrome and how to work through them throughout this program

    *Truly understand and outline the “before and after” journey that you lead your client on and learn to clearly articulate it to prospects.

    *Learn to powerfully communicate your value to prospects.
    *Learn my easy “design your own signature program” process that helps you create programs and offers with ease. Remember your business is a series of offers!

    *Writing, owning and sharing your unique story in a way that creates connection.

    *Pricing. How to charge and when to raise your prices in a way that feels really good and creates momentum.

  • Week Two- Get to know your audiences and the people that are in them!

    *What makes up an audience why it’s crucial for a sustainable business.
    *Getting to know the humans and what they TRULY want to hear from you.
    *How to speak to your market so they’ll not only listen but also convert.
    *Defining, understanding AND embodying the value you offer.

  • Week Three-Effortlessly create content that sells your offers.
    *Learn the easy way to create engaging content that sells your offers, creates lead magnets, 
    smaller offers and free content that sell your services easily.

    *Choosing a content medium that works best for you.

    *Learn how to never be stuck with what to say or do in your marketing.

    *The importance of being specific.

  • Week Four-Become Brilliant at the Basics of Writing to Attract Ideal Clients.
    *Learn the difference between copywriting and branding and what each is used for in your business. 
    *Learn to speak to your ideal client online or in person even if you feel shy about sharing or being “seen”.  

    *Breakthrough vulnerability blocks and fear about “being seen'“.
    *The basics of copywriting and what you need to know if you want to connect online so that people can hear and want to buy from you.

    *Workshop Blueprint Training. How to create an in person workshop that attracts clients. 

  • Week Five-Master Discovery Calls…Enroll your Ideal Clients Easily

*Full Sales Discovery Call Training LIVE and my 4 step enrollment process that sets you and your client up for success. 

*When to get on the phone with a prospect and when not to.
*Presenting your offer(online or in person) in a way that feels good works for you.
*Connecting with referral partners and asking for testimonials and referrals. 

  • Week Six-The Basics of Creating Landing and Thank You Pages.
    *Creating landing page/Thank you pages with ease. Why it matters and what it must say. 
    *Exactly what you need to know and when to hire out vs. DIY.

  • Weekly Seven-The Practice of Lead Generation….ie. How to Welcome a steady Stream of Clients on your Calendar.

*How to schedule your marketing and programs to work backwards and fill them.

  • Week Eight- Money Mindset. Working through the stories and conversations that keep you from asking for the sale and charging what you are worth!


What participants are saying…

" I'm loving all of this, for the same reasons that others have stated. But my one biggest takeaway is that we need to focus on a constant process of communication and trust-building with our audience so as to really resonate with the people out there who need what we can give them. Clarity and relatability are so important in helping someone out there who needs us to understand what we do in relationship to what they need and want." - Sara Russell

"Honestly for real each week has been amazing.
It's beyond knowing your niche. It's connecting with them and knowing what they think and feel and being able to take them where they dream and desire.
It looks beyond clinical and gets to the heart of connection.
Having a framework to connect with each person you want to is invaluable.
Learning how to convert in an authentic, from the heart place is an amazing feeling and takes it from feeling sales-y, to helpful." - Lydia Barrett, NTC

"You’ve made marketing go from super stressful and burdensome to fun and easy! I’m working on week 3 today and I have so many ideas! It’s all coming together and I’m actually EXCITED for the first time about putting my work into action! 😁 " - Katie Strickland, NTC

"...talking marketing ideas over with other people is SOOOOO much better than staying inside your own head with it. Also, I love the idea of focusing on what's "landing" with your audience. It's not necessarily what's good or bad messaging, just what's landing and what's not."- Liz Morgan, NTP

"My biggest takeaway is that I have (as usual) been overcomplicating things and holding myself back based on what other coaches have told me is "right" for my business. Nanci has challenged that conditioning in me and has encouraged me to view things in a new light -- one that feels lighter and more empowering."- Jessica Espinoza, Nutritional Therapist

Next Start Date: October 11th, 2019

All calls are recorded and at 11:00 AM PST

Investment $597 or 2 payments of $337