Rise + Shine

Private Coaching and Mentoring Program

Private Mindset and Business Strategy Coaching

Elevating Mindset to Elevate Results Faster.

You are a such a genius!

You are a bundle of experience, knowledge and presence that is medicine for so many people…private coaching for holistic practitioners ready to grow to their next level!

RISE + SHINE is about listening to the nudge to share more of your unique medicine with the world.

It’s about taking powerful, balanced and consistent action in your business.

It’s about Leadership.

It’s about taking your business from struggle to fun.

It’s about growing into the practitioner you are.

It’s about giving you the STRATEGY, guidance and support you need for momentum AND results.

Strategy. Money. Clients.Fun. Fulfillment.

You see, many holistic practitioner are either working really hard with not much to show or feeling perpetually really stuck. (BTW- you’re literally a couple decisions from feeling on track). They aren’t taking the right steps at the right time. Resistance is high because you’re constantly trying to figure out how to make it all work when all you need is the next right step with the right kind of support.

This is for you if you’re constantly bombarded with what you SHOULD be doing and often find yourself frozen and overwhelmed.

Or you’re doing OK and ready to grow to the next level with deeper mindset work. No more saying you are not sure what to do!

I know because I've been there. I’ve spent months paralyzed with resistance and overwhelm because I thought I was supposed* to be doing so much more than I believed I could. I was wrong and I finally learned that most business advice sets us up for failure. When I started implementing the foundations below consistently, my results were consistent too!

Save time and learn from me! Here’s what’s important:


Everything starts here. How you see yourself. How much do you allow yourself to be seen and heard? There is no area or action in your business at any level where your mindset isn’t crucial.

Lead boosting strategies.

Where do you find a consistent, steady stream of clients who want what you have? This is key!

Set yourself apart with powerful offers + programs.

How do you bundle your services and create powerful offers your prospects can’t say no to.

Creating content that sells your services.

Knowing how to connect with your ideal client and solve their problems is easier than you might think.


How you care for yourself is #1 most important thing in your business.

Here’s an example of what it looks like….(All customizable based on your needs)

One - 2 hour planning design + strategy session.

Outline plan for the next 3-6 months creating your offers, audience building strategies, programs, pricing, scheduling, time management, intentions and goals are put on the calendar. This is your business…just like that.

Two - One hour sessions focused on what’s working, implementation + sales.  

Eight - 30 min check in support/strategy sessions to be used as needed. Because we all need it to stay on track.

Hugely valuable! You have me in your back pocket, supporting your momentum. You don’t have to do this alone.

***Voxer support for 3 months because there will be things here and there I’ll be supporting you on.

***Mindset/Belief work as needed. Because when you have everything you need, you will still hit resistance at times.

Get ready to Grow and Go!

This isn’t for everyone but it is be very powerful for the right* people.

*Very limited spots available at the introductory rate of $1497 or $529 per month.

If you’re ready schedule a 15 minute session to see if you’re ready to take the next step, fill out the application and let’s chat!