While education is important that is not why they were coming to see me. They wanted change- change in their health and their lives. They wanted transformation.

I needed a way to help my clients through the emotional journey of making dietary changes. I needed a well thought out path that I could  guide my clients through to help them on their journey of self discovery and change. BUT I didn’t have the time in my practice to sit down and map out all the steps. I wanted something that would help them change their diet  but connect the mind and body to the process of change for a full transformation.

Nanci and Lydia advertised an “8 week done for you program” and I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. I have been through a LOT of continuing education(BIN, RWP, RESTART) and I didn’t need to get something that I already had. I needed NEW content for my clients. I needed practical tips and tools I could apply RIGHT AWAY.

About 3 weeks into the program, my practice started to shift. I found I could incorporate much of the information into existing client packages. Clients where giving great feedback like “I didn’t realize this was an issue for me” referring to one of the exercises that helped her understand why she couldn’t move her health forward. I didn’t need to point it out she worked it out through the exercise and came to her own conclusion. It was very powerful to see such a simple exercise have such a profound effect on a client. I was seeing clients connect the mind/body/nutrition dots- this was shifting client behaviors.

If you know me, you know I am a very critical thinker. I cannot tell you how pleased I am at investing in this program. Lydia and Nanci are very generous and the information is practical and applicable to nearly every client you will see. I didn’t have to do all the hard work, I just had to implement what I learned and watch my clients grow.

I wished I had this when I first started my practice. I would have saved so much time and money in the long run.
— Andrea Dahlman
I have just completed the program and it’s already improved the way I’m working. One of the challenges I had was how to support clients in getting the results they want. I was excellent at providing information of the “whys” and here’s “what to do” but not so great at helping them do those things….the “how”. It’s really an important piece to helping clients uncover the obstacles that may be in their way and prevent them from having success. This course provides exactly that. It’s simple. It’s done for you and you can implement everything right away. You can utilize the done for you program(Balance + Thrive) with individual clients or use it in a class.

It’s so easy to do that I was able to implement pieces of it right away and in a group course currently. It’s so great because it goes deeper into relationship to food and helping clients move through obstacles. These really were the missing pieces I needed in my practice and now I have them. It’s really made such a difference in how I feel about my work, how I show up and how my clients see me. I highly recommend taking the course. It’s worth every penny and awesome!!!
— Elissa
I have been in practice for 5 years now and to be honest, I was getting tired of writing protocols for clients only to find they were mostly non-complaint of my suggestions. Enter the Balance & Thrive program. I never knew how fun this work could be! This program has not only given me powerful tools, in the form of done-for-you lessons to use with clients, but it has also made client sessions fun again! Beyond that, the 7-part session structure has been a game changer. I only wish I’d had this in my hands when I began my practice. My advice is - don’t wait until you’re burned out on this work. If you want to see results with your clients instead of leaving it to chance and begin truly enjoying your work, bring Balance & Thrive into your practice now.
— Kariman Pierce
....As a HUGE bonus, I ended up with a full program to offer my clients that is amazing! The content is really a perfect supplement to what I had to offer as a NTC. Mindset can be such a stumbling block for our clients. This program enables clients to address the obstacles they face, with our help.
Speaking of mindset, it turns out my own needed to change!

Through Ignite, I realized that my own fear and lack of confidence was really holding me back. I learned how to frame things in a more positive way, which allowed me to go out of my comfort zone in reaching out to people and in setting prices that valued my time and expertise. Charging what I am worth is enabling me to make the extra income that I need as a single mom, and avoid dropping my business and getting a job that makes me miserable.

I feel that Lydia and Nanci make such a great team. They each have many beautiful gifts which complement the other. This lends a fullness to the program that may be missing from others. Throughout this experience, I received accountability in taking action, encouragement when I was down, and inspiration to dream big.
I was a bit nervous to make another investment before getting my business off the ground, but I made that back just taking 2 clients through the 8 week program. Even if it had taken me longer, it would still have been so worth it. Ignite has enriched my business so much. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now without it.
— Megan Pratts Holman
My name is Amy Gonzalez and my biggest challenge before taking the Ignite program was lack of confidence and undervaluing my service.
Lydia and Nanci have such a unique blend of personalities and knowledge that truly make this program shine. I felt fully supported and valued as a participant in their program.
My biggest takeaway from the program was learning how to speak to clients. I was caught in the mentality of having to speak the science but found that people just want to feel heard and know that you understand how they feel! This released some of the pressure I had put on myself because I can just be the listening ear that they need while giving them the gentle guidance.
The done for you program also added additional tools to my toolbox to help guide my clients down the mind/body side of eating and has been such a complementary addition to my practice. I feel that I have now gained the direction that I needed in my practice, which was something lacking in the previous education and programs I’ve taken.
I was even able to raise my prices and had my record month after I implemented the things I had learned. Now that I have found my own confidence, I can allow my clients’ confidence to shine as well. I can’t thank Lydia and Nanci enough for offering this program. It is worth every dollar spent!
— Amy Gonzolez
I would just like to say that I channeled Nanci and Lydia in a pep-talk with myself yesterday about a client with poor emotional #boundaries. And I presented a new protocol to her this morning, wherupon she cried and said she felt “so overwhelmed” like she literally always does, and I did not. get. hooked. I am done giving power to my clients’ victim-mindset attitudes, neuroses, and obstacles. 2018 is the year of strong, clear emotional boundaries: doing the best I can at my job and empowering people to be responsible for their own healing.
Maybe some of you have that down pat already. Good for you. I didn’t get here on my own, I needed the special sauce in Balance & Thrive to really get clear that I am. not. responsible. for. other. people’s. healing. That right there gives me so much freedom to actually just be a great practitioner and a killer coach, and I don’t feel icky or drained after my sessions.
I graduated NTA in 2015 and I was at the point in my practice where I was so burnt out I hadn’t had a new client in 6 months. I would even do discovery calls but I wasn’t attracting the right people and I’m sure even if I was, they could tell underneath me “saying the right things” that my heart wasn’t in it.
Honestly, I couldn’t have taken on another client if I’d wanted to. I put so much energy into each session and felt so drained afterwards that I was completely tapped out.
I had put a ton of effort and time and heart into creating a signature program, but it wasn’t selling. I knew I needed something else. I had been lurking in this group for some time, watching videos, seeing what people were saying about this program, and finally just decided that instead of another technical training I would take a COACHING program.
{I have a long background in transformational coaching and have a ton of training, but even then I knew that I wasn’t using what I “knew” in my sessions. I was at that point where I could humble myself and let someone else “teach me how to coach” or I could pretend like everything was fine.}
Fast forward, during week 5 of Balance & Thrive I made ALL MY INVESTMENT BACK when I signed up a new client who is exactly my ideal customer.
I set up all the materials to start a group coaching program next month, and that may or may not take off right away, but I’m excited to use the same template for an autoimmune focused program next either way. AND that push to lead a class actually made me get my act together in a way that made me 1000% ready for this new client. And my sessions with my long-term clients have been so much more rewarding - I’ve had 2 different male clients break down and cry about their fathers’ health issues and tell me that they haven’t been able to really let themselves feel anything about it until they talked to me... My vegetarian client isn’t making me crazy and is actually learning a lot about how to do vegetarian as healthy as possible... I still LOVE labs and nerding out and healing diets and all the things that made me excited about my practice before, but I don’t feel burdened by them. I’m not trying to shove information down my clients’ throats anymore and hoping that they do something with it. Designing protocols is only PART of what I do.
I feel like I got a part of myself back that was really missing and I love being an NTP again.
— Michelle Casey
Before joining Balance and Thrive my biggest challenge was knowing what to say and how to help my clients stay on track. I had great tools to use, but clients weren’t sticking to their protocols and I know I was overwhelming them information (word vomit, anyone?)
I chose the Balance and Thrive program specifically because it gives you amazing tools to use, without the obligation to follow the program in a certain order. The freedom to take the information and handouts and use them as I see fit in my practice is part of what I love.
The biggest thing I took away from this program is the knowledge in how to actively engage my clients in their health. By using the “could do, want to, will do” I’m happy to say client compliance has increased tremendously!
The program set me on fire to get to the root reasons people have to get better. Most people have an idea of what healthy should look like but don’t pursue it. By using this program my clients are know figuring out their “why” and are totally invested in their health. The value of this program has allowed me to not only confidently raise my prices, but also by using the discovery call script they lay out for you it has given me the confidence in what to say that allows me to book clients on the spot!
I’m so glad I took the leap and joined Balance and Thrive! I wasn’t sure about timing because I was still going through another program, and I only had a few clients. I wasn’t sure the investment was worth it at this time. I can now confidently say that this program is beyond worth it. The things it brought to light in my own life were things that I needed to see. And if I would have had to spend my own time and money coming up with what is offered in this program it would be in the thousands of dollars.
I cannot say enough about this program! Jump on this chance- you will NOT be disappointed!!
— Lydia Barret
Are your clients doing the best they can with the nutrition piece but still struggling mightily with compliance, motivation, perseverance, and enthusiasm for their futures? Are they suffering from “back burner” syndrome? In other words, are they finding that by the time they are ready to give any kind of nod to their own health and well-being, they just have nothing left because they are totally spent with all the other people and demands in their lives? We are strongly encouraged to find our niche when we are wrapping up with the NTA. As I was working on this for myself, I realized that my niche had found me. They are the overworked, overweight, and overwhelmed women who are waking up to the fact that they’ve put everyone and everything else ahead of their own needs, and they realize that something needs to change but they don’t know WHAT. They know that their food has something to do with it and that they need to be feeding themselves better, but they really haven’t honed into the bigger picture that it’s more than nutritional nourishment they are missing. They need whole-person feeding, not just instructions on what to eat. They need help with learning to value themselves and really dig deep to find their “WHY”, to get understanding of their self-sabotage before they can get down to the business of really sticking to eating in a health-promoting way. Even taking their supplements can be a mindset issue for them when they’re stuck like this. They also need information and direction on the lifestyle factors that play such a key part in healing. If you are like me, you have found that it is not just about the food or the supplements. This is where I was, beginning to work on the mindset issues in a more direct way with my clients, and seeing that it was making a difference, when I decided to jump into the Balance + Thrive program. It was a snap decision for me, but it was a good one. I now have the tools that I need and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I’ve enjoyed going through the exercises/action steps for myself, and I’ve used some of the components of the class in working with one on one clients before wrapping up the course. I am excited to use the entire program both one-on-one and as a group offering, and to add it to what I have to offer as an NTP. IF you have clients who sound like mine, they will perk up when you begin sharing how you can help them with this material. And you will love the session structure help that comes along with the course. As a side note, I’m intimately familiar with the exercises and beautiful handouts as I was given the opportunity to do some edits for Lydia and Nanci as I was going through the course. I’d love to answer your questions if you are on the fence, to help you decide if this is a program your practice could benefit from. I would have felt more comfortable diving in had I known more from someone who’d taken the course, and I would have been grateful to have found out ahead of time if this wasn’t what I was expecting, too.
— Kelly Johnston
Prior to joining B&T, I was really struggling with session structure & confidence. I always felt like I was scrambling to answer questions and felt this pressure to let my client ‘run the session’ to answer what they wanted. But I had an issue with client retention, and overwhelm. My clients were rescheduling because they weren’t accomplishing their action steps & while they were getting some results, it always felt like they were just never happy enough.
I finally chose B&T after having my eye on it for some time because it seemed to accomplish 2 huge things – 1) have a ready made group program that I had been wanting to run & 2) more importantly – help me with session structure and confidence.
I had always heard the value of ‘holding space’ for clients, but had no idea how to implement this – and silence in sessions gave me major anxiety. After following the structure, and barely saying anything, a client I had been working with for quite some time came to his OWN action step of giving up alcohol (something I had been asking him to do for MONTHS). Using the methods laid out, he was able to realize how this was impacting his ‘why’, and has now not had a drink for almost 3 months!! This made me really realize the value of guiding & holding space vs just telling people what to do.
Another huge take-way is for myself. I struggle with imposter syndrome big time. Going through this course, I have been noticing huge shifts in this thinking. I am still working through this (I mean, 31 years of it isn’t going to disappear overnight), but the success & positive feedback from my clients has been HUGE for helping boost my confidence. AND, the awesome thing is – I don’t have this constant FOMO (fear of missing out) on the latest research, technique, supplement, etc, because if anything, I have been using these things much less….and been getting better results!
The course has just been a huge confidence boost and has allowed me to move forward in my business & my life. I had been toying with the idea for a group class for at least 2 years, and was able to get one up and running within 2 months of signing up, and have 11 people enrolled! Also, it has taken this HUGE weight off my shoulders that I was carrying around – constantly feeling like I didn’t know enough to help people, and not knowing where my sessions would end up, or what content to cover & how best to get points across, etc. What I love though, is the flexibility. I am terrible at following protocols and very rigid structure, so within the structure given, there is so much room to be flexible (if that is your thing).
I really wish I took this course right after graduating – if you have any fears about working with clients & are worried that you don’t know enough (you DO!), then this is program is seriously perfect. It combines practical tools with self development, a group program AND a client package all in one!
— Andrea Grunberger Moore
When I first signed up for B+T I felt like I was in over my head. I was still finishing up the Nutritional Therapy Consultant course with NTA so was nervous I spread myself too thin. However, the course spoke to me because although nutrition is a passion, and I know diet is important, for me, it’s never “just about the food”! At that point, I hadn’t worked with many people/clients yet, but I already felt there was a piece missing to my work... B+T was that missing piece! It gave me structure that I needed to feel confident putting myself out there and offering my services to those in need of them. I had my first paid client signed up with me by the time I graduated the NTC program! And that client flourished as a result of the B+T approach. As an NTC, I often talk to clients about “root causes”. And while gut health and blood sugar balances are at the root of many of the chronic, preventable issues we see today, none of that will be able to improve if we don’t address mindset first and that’s what B+T does. To be honest, our outlook on life is often the root cause of the root causes so without this important piece, without helping a client explore their inner workings, I feel they will never be able to achieve optimal health. Beyond filling me with confidence, B+T opened my ey es to the passion I have for addressing the mental component of nutrition and so I am forever grateful!
— Ariana Golub
Thank you Nanci! I work with very sick clients that have many varied needs.

The Balance + Shine Coaching provides enough structure to keep us on task “clinically” while at the same time empowering them to own their personal health journey. Most of us feel overwhelmed at times whether it’s spiritual, emotional or physical challenges. The B+S style creates space for the client to make strides forward in each facet of their health which adds up to true wellness.
So grateful for the balance and thrive program. I highly recommend!
— Dawn Van Wert
Balance and Thrive has been life-changing for me both personally and as a practitioner. Working on my own mindset has allowed me to help my clients in a much deeper, longer lasting way than I was approaching them before. It has given me the personal confidence to put myself out there as a personal brand and attract the types of clients I desire to work with. This is time and money well spent.
— Lori Satterwhite