A Whole Person Approach for Nutrition Professionals


Lydia and Nanci are very generous and the information is practical and applicable to nearly every client you will see. I didn’t have to do all the hard work, I just had to implement what I learned and watch my clients grow.
— Andrea Dahlman
My advice is - don’t wait until you’re burned out on this work. If you want to see results with your clients instead of leaving it to chance and begin truly enjoying your work, bring Balance & Thrive into your practice now.
— Kariman Pierce

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What is Balance + Thrive?


Balance + Thrive is 3 things: 

An 8 week program blending nutritional therapy with mindset, mindfulness and lifestyle medicine into a done for you program complete with 16+ gorgeous handouts


Strong accountability, Breakthrough and personal growth for the practitioner


 Generous support and mentorship


Inspire your clients to heal and create meaningful change in their lives.....

because.....the right information WITH the right mindset creates powerful results!

Balance + Thrive is a true holistic approach that addresses obstacles, relationship to food, sleep, cravings, mindfulness, acceptance, life-balance.

Each week of content educates and progresses the client further towards their health goals with educational + experiential lessons that help the client stay engaged and help you stay sane!

Whether you run lab work or prefer to stick to the basics, what you learn in Balance + Thrive is the missing piece to your practice!


If you've ever felt frustrated because:

  • some clients follow through and some don't and you wish you could help but find yourself STUCK when they get STUCK! 
  • you have a ton of knowledge and are passionate about health but you're not really sure how to help clients implement and stay true to what they want. 
  • Your clients aren't actually even sure what they want,they're so focused on symptoms!
  • you wish you had a proven system to help your clients stay empowered, excited and committed to creating lasting results that overflow into every area of their lives.
  • you've been drained and drained again by working with clients whether it's one-on-one or in groups. The worst.
  • You literally watch client's struggle with stress, life-balance and cravings and you know there's so much more to their healing than food.


We felt the EXACT same way too!





Balance + Thrive

Less Stress. More Confidence. Better Results.


Week One: An empowered beginning! Learn the magic of coaching clients to their "why" and the obstacles that are keeping them from reaching their goals. 

Week Two: A balanced approach to whole food eating with our simple signature strategies plus learn how to cultivate an honest relationship with food and your body.

Week Three: Stress Relief. Help clients identify their biggest stressors and how understand how they perceive stress. Ya can't expect them to relax, chew or appreciate without this. Game changer! 

Week Four: Sleep, circadian rhythm and transforming cravings...BTW- cravings are good! 

Week Five: Beyond Self-Sabotage. We all do it! Discover why and move passed it! 

Week Six: Nourishing ALL of you. Creating balance beyond food into the other areas of your life so you can feel whole.

Week Seven: Honoring your boundaries for boundless energy. The best protocol can't compete when we don't know when to say yes and when to say no! 

Week Eight: Celebration and Life Inventory! 


Enrollment Open NOW!!!!

We start April 16th! 

  • Enrollment includes 8 weeks of content, 16 + handouts, coaching lessons and exercises.
  • Ongoing mentoring and breakthrough calls where you get to learn be laser coached and progress as far in your business as you wish! 
  • Private Facebook community 

Pay in Full $1297 or 6 payments of $237


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