1. At what point can I start using the material in the program?

Immediately. Since the Balance + Shine content is taught in a suggested order but practitioners are encouraged to pull and use as they see fit depending on what the client needs most. This means after you learn each week's material you are able to use it with existing, practice and new clients. Many practitioners have enrolled clients
into the program before completing the program.

2. How does this done-for program differ from others?

Balance+Shine is so much more than a done-for-you program. It is also a training on how to connect and coach your clients on their mindset and through their obstacles so you never feel like you are depending on the right information or an advice giving model which rarely works. Many practitioners who purchase done-for-you programs never use them or have limited results because helping people requires more than simply teaching and handouts.

3. Can I put my own logo on the handouts?

Absolutely. You can also decide the length of your program and edit to handouts as you wish. You can also call the program whatever you want as well making this your very own signature program.

4. What do practitioners who teach this material usually charge?

That really depends on the experience level of the practitioner however graduates charge $147-$497 for a group and anywhere from $297-$2497 for 1:1 packages.

5. What if I don't have an audience or am just starting out?

Building an audience is just as important as having a powerful program and being able to facilitate results. The content in Balance + Shine will help you become more confident in sharing yourself and your information with the world plus help you become more bold in how you present yourself. This is the missing piece for many practitioners.

6. I already have a couple programs and hep my clients with mindset. How can this help me?

Many participants are already working with some level of mindset with their clients but they don't have a framework that works so well with Nutritional Therapy. They often find themselves showing up much more powerfully and enrolling clients more consistently and easily with this piece. In the program, there is also a large mindset piece for practitioners.

7. Can I teach this content online and even pre-record?

Yes, you can choose however you would like to facilitate the program to fit your business goals.

8. How long can I expect to invest each week during the program?

Pre-recorded content: 45-60 minutes
Coaching Q+A calls(recorded): 1 hour
Practice time with a buddy(optional); 1 hour
Expect to spend 2-3 hours per week with the practice time being optional.

9. Is there nutrition information in the program? It seems like all mindset and I'm not sure what that looks like?

Yes! There is a basic whole foods eating plan that can create custom notes on at the end. It also contains strategies for change in case your client is not ready for a all or nothing approach. The health information also spans to HPA-Axis lessons and circadian rhythm as well as shows you exactly when and where to insert your expert suggestions.

10. Does your program offer CEUs?

Yes! 10 through NTA so far.